Pool Maintenance Garden Care

Pool Services

We provide a range of pool services including:

Pool water appraisal & report

Sand Filter Backwash

Pool water testing

Pool chemical treatment

Garden Services

Garden maintenance is our specialty!

Lawn Mowing, weeding, edging

Turning, planting, mulching, garden beds, hedges

Application of fertilizers

Weed control treatments

Rose Care Service

Highly trained rose care specialist.




Removal of trimmings

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Affordable, Reliable Pool and Garden Services

Aussie Jacks provide professional pool & garden services as well as specialist rose care services.

From basic pool vacuuming to pool water testing and chemical treatments, when it comes to pool care, we do the lot!

Got plants dropping leaves in your pool, no problem, we can take care of them too! Our garden services include trimming, planting, weeding, edging, fertilising and weed control treatments.


23 years' experience in the horticulture industry

  • Agriculture (food crops and non-food crops, general farming)
  • Land cultivation
  • General gardening
  • Nurseries and Green Houses
  • Special interest in Grafting (fruit trees and flowers)


Ground maintenance - Large holdings, and small intricate gardens

  • Lawn care (including mowing and edging)
  • Fertilising and weeding
  • Restocking, dividing, relocating and repotting
  • Mulching
  • Irrigation and reticulation (layout, installation and repair)
  • Pest treatment and disease prevention (on managed schedules)

Advanced Pruning Skills

  • Promoting seasonal growth
  • Selective shaping and hedging
  • Targeted health control (deadwood, non-productive, structurally unsound)

Health care of plants in all age horizons (mature plants to saplings and seedlings)

  • Assessment and treatment of diseases and wounds
  • Restoration of damaged and stresses plants
  • Appraise and modify plant habitats (water, weather, daylight assessment)


  • Advising new garden layouts and improving existing garden arrangements
  • Vegetable patches and fruit trees (including requirements for organic plots)
  • Complementary planting (for visual appeal and host plant relationships)